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Your potential Smartphone customer doesn't really want to share their personal details, credit card or PayPal account with you. That's a major problem! It's not your fault, but bad news travels fast. Too late... they decided not to risk it!

VR SMART-PAY is how customers would prefer to be billed for VR 360° video. It's an annonymous, straight forward user experience that answers all customer concerns about identity theft or fraud.

VR SMART-PAY enables direct billing to over 2 billion Smartphones! That's more Smartphones than all the credit card & PayPal accounts in the world...combined!

VR SMART-PAY outperforms dated payment systems such as credit card or PayPal for VR 360° video, achieving the highest possible conversions of up to 10x higher than credit card and up to 5x higher than PayPal.

VR SMART-PAY is simple to integrate with your existing payment options or even replace them entirely, removing the technical and administrative headaches associated with credit cards or PayPal.

VR SMART-PAY - A real no-brainer for VR 360° video!


Our secure white-label PIN enabled VR 360° DVD is just one example of the value added opportunities we bring to the table for VR 360° video.

Bringing VR 360° video offline exposes an infinitely wider audience and distribution via supermarkets, specialist retail stores, news-stands, petrol stations or even by post, now become reality!

VR 360° DVDs can be packaged with our wide range of branded flat-pack cardboard or plastic VR headsets, perfect for magazine cover-mounts or to create your own stand-alone publication.

VR 360° DVDs now empower Production Studios, Rights Owners and Entrepreneurs with the ability to market and monetize VR 360° video in totally new exciting ways!

VR 360° DVDs do not require an internet connection. This feature saves customers money by avoiding the hassle and costs associated with streaming or downloading the huge file sizes required for VR 360° video!

This product/service is also available on USB!

Other services we provide include:

  • Interactive multimedia design, development & production
  • Secure DVD/USB authoring & development
  • DVD/USB duplication & replication
  • Product design, packaging & distribution

We provide the opportunities and the solutions to increase your revenues, reduce your costs and maximise your profits!


- How we were made & who we are -

2000 - 2006

Since 2000, Pin & Play's parent company has been delivering innovative mobile (& landline) phone payment technologies to publishing partners worldwide. We have been true pioneers of mobile billing, with over five decades of combined executive experience, becoming the first company in the UK to be accredited by Payforit for in-app billing.

In 2009 Pin & Play became established as a standalone company bringing together a hand-picked team of creative media experts, specialising in secure media production and technology, completing the group's overall range of white-label products.

2006 - 2009

One of Pin & Play's core products since 2006 has been the Locked DVD. Using our proprietary technology the video is secured to the DVD and only viewable by obtaining a PIN. The PIN can be purchased by the customer sending a Premium Rate SMS or calling a Premium Rate Number and being billed directly to their phone account. Customers can also pay through credit/debit cards.

Over the past decade we have produced thousands of different titles resulting in 100s of millions of Locked DVDs that have generated many millions $ in revenue for our media and publishing partners. Even with the demise of the DVD, we still produce hundreds of titles each year.

Over the last 15 years we have developed trusted networks in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark plus many other countries.

2009 - 2016

Over the last decade we have fine-tuned our products and services enabling us to provide what we believe to be the most comprehensive set of white-label billing products and production services around.

From our advanced stats management systems and affiliate tracking software to our accredited phone payment solutions and creative multimedia products - all have been specially developed to increase our client's revenues and profits.

2016 - The Future

The future is Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° video. We are now able to monetise these new-age technologies and are excited by our new range of products and services developed especially for the VR 360° video industry.

Creating totally new ways for VR 360° Video pioneers to market and monetise VR 360° video!

  • VR SMART-PAY- a real game-changer to monetise VR 360° video.
  • VR 360° DVD - secures 360° video to a PIN access DVD
  • VR 360° Video Magazine - converting digital to print for VR 360° video pioneers.

We have some other great products in development right with more real game-changers out soon!


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VR SMART-PAY is the perfect match for the game-changing technology and opportunities that VR 360° video brings to the table!

VR SMART-PAY has been specifically developed for VR 360° Video WebMasters to bill directly to their customer's Smartphone account by utilising our accredited one-Click billing technology and advanced premium rate mobile payment systems.

VR SMART-PAY outperforms dated payment systems such as credit card and PayPal for VR 360° video. Up to 10x higher than credit card and up to 5x higher than PayPal!

VR SMART-PAY is protected by our advanced proprietary technology and enhanced real-time transaction security systems deeply integrated with key mobile operator networks worldwide, providing customers with real security they can trust.

VR SMART-PAY is how Smartphone customers would actually want to pay for VR 360° video. It's anonymous, secure and user friendly, answering all concerns regarding identity theft and fraud.

Other features include: 

  • No registration or user details required
  • One-time billing and subscription support (including trial periods)
  • Seamless billing over Wi-Fi
  • Local regulatory compliance & language support
  • In-built logic to reduce customer misuse
  • Encrypted communications & private key hashing
  • Proprietary checks including velocity and multi-billing restrictions

VR SMART-PAY... a real no-brainer!

VR 360° DVD

Since 2006 we have produced thousands of different titles incorperating our proprietary secure Locked DVD technology that has generated many millions $ in revenue for our media and publishing partners.

We have developed the Locked DVD model further by now securing VR 360° video to a Locked DVD that requires a PIN for the customer to transfer the content to their Smartphone.

  • The PIN purchased by the customer utilising our established and reliable advanced premium rate payment technology:

VR 360° DVDs open new markets, generates extra revenues and adds real value to your production or brand. They can be given away as a promotional tool with free trailers, provided as a cover-mount on magazines or even monetized as a stand-alone product!

VR 360° DVDs can be distributed via supermarkets, news-stands, specialist retailers, petrol stations, by post or even via online stores!

The technology behind our VR 360° DVD is also available for USB!

We provide a comprehensive white-label solution which includes design, editing, mastering, replication, packaging and distribution.

VR 360° DVD features include:

  • Our proprietary secure DVD & USB technology
  • Our Premium Rate Billing Technology
  • Real-time online stats to track revenues
  • Up to 3 hours 4k VR 360° video on a DVD
  • No internet connection required

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